C2.2.6 Objectives and Action Plans


This was formerly one section of the standard, but has now been split into two separate sections:

  • Environmental Objectives
  • Planning Actions to Achieve Environmental Objectives


The term ‘targets’ is no longer used, however the requirements for what would be known as targets is still included in clause 6.2.2.


C2.2.6.1          Environmental Objectives:

ISO 14001 requires an organisation to set objectives to achieve the Environmental Policy. When setting Objectives, issues such as legal requirements, significant impacts and the Environmental Policy must be considered. Objectives should be reviewed regularly.

When setting objectives consideration now needs to be given to the identified risks and opportunities. The standard no longer includes a specific need to consider the views of interested parties when establishing objectives and targets, however these will still be covered if any compliance obligations (which do still need to be considered) have been set based on the needs and expectations of these interested parties. There are now specific requirements for the objectives to be monitored, communicated and updated as appropriate.


C2.2.6.2          Planning Actions to Achieve Environmental Objectives:

To ensure that an organisation meets the Objectives, an action plan must be developed that outlines how they will be met.

The term programme is no longer used and the standard talks about planning how to achieve environmental objectives instead. This planning now needs to include details on what resources will be required and how the results will be achieved.