C2.2.5 Compliance Obligations


Formerly known as “Legal and Other Requirements”.  This requirement now gives equal weighting to non-legislative mandatory obligations and voluntary obligations as legal requirements. Documented information on compliance obligations must be maintained.

An organisation must identify all of the legal requirements that apply to its activities, products and services. In addition, there are other requirements that will affect an organisation. These will vary from organisation to organisation and from sector to sector. For examples, if a construction site is operating under the Considerate Contractors Scheme, that is an “Other Requirement”. Many manufacturing companies operate or produce products in accordance with specific British Standards. These standards are an “Other Requirement”, just as for example, are the Environment Agency Pollution Prevent Guidelines (PPGs).

Many organisations create an Environmental Legislation Register to meet this requirement.



Planning action

This is a new requirement in the revised standard.

The organisation needs to plan to take actions to address significant environmental aspects, compliance obligations and risks and opportunities.