C2.2.11 Operational Planning and Control


ISO 14001 requires an organisation to ensure that their day to day activities are controlled. This is to ensure that the significant environmental impacts are addressed, the environmental policy is adhered to and that objectives & targets are met.

An organisation must establish, implement and maintain a documented procedure. This means that it must be a written procedure (or set of procedures). Most companies prepare a suite of environmental procedures to address this requirement.

Specific reference is now made to the planning of operations, as well as their control. Controls for processes should now be implemented to prevent deviation from compliance obligations, as well as from the policy and objectives. There are requirements for the control of planned changes and the review of unintended changes. It is now specified that outsourced processes are to be controlled or influenced. There is now a need to determine requirements for procurement activities and considering requirements in design activities, consider the need to provide information on product / service delivery, use and end-of-life treatment, taking into account a life cycle perspective