C2.2.10 Documented information


The terms ‘documents’ and ‘records’ have been replaced by the term ‘documented information’.

ISO 14001 requires operational processes and procedures to be defined and appropriately documented. The core elements of the EMS and their interaction must be documented. Many organisations create an Environmental Manual to meet this requirement.


C2.2.10.1        Creating and Updating

Specific reference is now made to the need for ensuring appropriate format and media.

C2.2.10.2        Control of Documented Information

An organisation must have procedures in place to identify, maintain and dispose of environmental records.

Controls now need to ensure that documented information is adequately protected.

The document control activities to be addressed by the system are specified.

An organisation must ensure that EMS documents are controlled. They must be legible, periodically reviewed and approved by an authorised person. All documents should be easily located, with obsolete documents withdrawn. The processes in place to achieve this do not have to be a written procedure.

Please note that in ISO 9001 (the quality management standard), there is also a section on Control of document, which is very similar. However, in ISO 9001 the procedure that the organisation establishes for the control of document must be a written procedure. This is specified. Many organisations have certification to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and so will implement the same procedure for control of documents. They will have a written procedure because ISO 9001 requires it.