C6.4 Use of Environmental Impact Assessment


The Town and Country Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) (England and Wales) Regulations 1999 [SI No. 293] apply to two different sets of projects:

  • Projects listed in Schedule 1 always require an EIA.


  • Projects listed in Schedule 2 may require an EIA, if the development likely to have significant effects on the environment by virtue of factors such as its nature, size or location.


The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister issued a document in 2000 entitled: “Environmental impact assessment: guide to procedures.” A copy of this document is available here: C6.4 EIA Practical Guide

An EIA may be required if the proposed development is in, or partly in, a ‘sensitive area’. The Secretary of State holds a power to insist upon an EIA, even though the thresholds in Schedule 2 will not be exceeded.

Sensitive Area

Sensitive Areas include:

  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)
  • National Parks
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • The Norfolk Broads
  • World Heritage Sites
  • Scheduled Monuments
  • RAMSAR sites
  • Special Protection Areas