Associate Certificate in Environmental Management Index

The IEMA Associate Certificate Course is split into 3 modules. Click the links to the right to access notes and learning materials.

A User Guide to Your Course is available here: User Guide. This explains how to navigate the website.

We have also developed a Study Guide for you: Study Guide Rev00. This provides useful information on how to ensure you get the nest from your course.

Personal Development

Successful completion of the Associate Certificate course (and the new IEMA online exam) will entitle you to Associate Membership of IEMA (AIEMA). By registering your completion with IEMA you will:

  1. Be able to use the suffix AIEMA after your name that shows employers, colleagues and clients that you have a high level of environmental knowledge and understanding
  2. Be able to take advantage of IEMA’s other membership benefits, such as keeping up to date with all the latest issues and developments throughout the environmental field with IEMA’s magazine ‘the environmentalist’, it’s website and Practitioner publications
  3. Gain access to over 120 Regional Events (free as part of membership) for practical guidance and networking, and discounted rates to its national conferences with very high level speaker engagement
  4. Be able to access member-only documentation contained on the IEMA website, as well as take part in consultations for government and public bodies
  5. Be able to add a very highly regarded environmental qualification that many employers now use a prerequisite in job descriptions.