B3.8 UK Policies and Controls


Recycling a single plastic bottle saves enough energy to power a 60W light bulb for six hours.


Legislation in the UK is divided into different areas. Legislation affecting:

  • England and Wales.
  • Scotland.
  • Northern Ireland.

Please note that the following section provides details of numerous pieces of legislation. It is not necessary for you to remember them all.

They have been provided to give an overview of the sorts of issues that are covered by legislation, which you can see are wide-ranging.

Each organisation has legislation that is considered ‘key’, but this differs from organisation to organisation. For example, legislation covering Site Waste Management Plans is ‘key’ if you are a construction site, but it is not relevant if you are not one!

The information in section B3.10 Operational Implications of Waste discusses in more detail what are generally considered the key requirements of waste legislation for most organisations.