C4.4.2 Audit


During the audit the following activities will be involved:

a)       Opening Meeting

b)       Review of Processes and Activities

c)       Preparation of Audit Findings

d)       Closing Meeting


a) Opening Meeting

The Opening Meeting is when the audit team are introduced to the auditee(s) (the people being audited). The scope of the audit and the criteria that will be audited against are confirmed. The auditor should explain the audit process and the way in which audits findings will be raised and categorised.


b) Review of Processes and Activities

The audit itself may involve a number of different activities. The auditor may need to:

  • Review documentation, e.g.:
    • Permits, authorisations and consents.
    • Objectives and Targets.
    • Procedures, Work Instructions and Method Statements.
    • The Register of Legislation.
    • The Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register.
  • Interview employees.
  • Observe working practices.
  • Check records, e.g.:
    • Previous audit records.
    • Training records.
    • Inspection records.
    • Maintenance records.
    • Complaint records.