C4.4.1 Pre-Audit continued…


An Example Audit Plan is provided below:

Example Audit Plan

Area to be audited: Welding Facility Date: 18th January 2017
Location: Birmingham Yard Audit Reference: EMS/AUD/1542
Audit Objectives:
  • To confirm compliance with Company Environmental Procedures.
  • To confirm compliance with ISO 14001.
  • To identify areas for improvements and areas of best practice.
Audit Scope: The audit will cover the Environmental management of all activities relating to the welding facility.
Audit Criteria:
  • Company Environmental Procedures
  • Welding Facility Site Rules
  • BS EN ISO 14001
Audit Team: Mr Smith – Company Environmental Manager (Team Leader)
Mr Jones – Operations Manager, Manchester site
Audit Programme: Auditor 1 Auditor 2
Topic Auditee Topic Auditee
09.00 Opening meeting and Site Induction
09.30 Site Inspection Welding Facility Manager Waste Management Waste Manager
10.00 Objectives & Targets Birmingham Yard Manager
10.30 Operational Control Welding Facility Manager Communication and Complaints Birmingham Yard Manager
11.00 Environmental Aspects & Impacts Welding Facility Manager Method Statements Birmingham Yard Manager
11.30 Legal Requirements Welding Facility Manager Envi Policy & Management Review Birmingham Yard Manager
12.00 Training Training Manager Incidents & nonconformities Welding Facility Manager
12.30 Auditors to review and collate findings
13.00 Closing meeting
Issue To: Mr Orange (Birmingham Yard Manager), Mrs Blue (Company HSEQ Manager), Mr Brown (Welding Facility Manager), Mrs Green (Waste Manager), Miss White (Training Manager).
Date Audit Plan Issued: 10th January 2017