C2.13.1. Training Records


Whatever type of training you provide for your staff, you must keep detailed and accurate training records. As a minimum, these should state:

  • Title of training course.
  • Date training provided.
  • Who delivered the training.
  • An exact reference for the training package.
  • Details of the person(s) receiving the training, including:
    • Full Name.
    • Date of Birth.
    • Signature.
  • If the company is a construction company, you may wish to include the duration of the training for CITB grant purposes.


You may need to refer to your training records in Court should there be a serious incident or a tribunal case. They need to be legible.

The person delivering the training should always check that the names are written clearly and are their actual names (you will be surprised how often Clark Kent appears on attendance forms). Also check the date of birth. Some people either copy the date the person before wrote on the row above, or they write in today’s date.

The reference to the training delivered must be infallible. I would always recommend allocating a document number to each training package and ensuring that this is written on the training attendance form. This will provide you with a completely auditable trail that allows you to prove exactly what information was provided to which person.