C10.7.5.1 Attitudes and Behaviour in the Work Place


In this next section we shall examine how behaviour affects safety. Safety? Why safety, this is an environmental course! Well, safety is a more established field than environment and sustainability and so there is a lot more information regarding behaviour and safety than there is behaviour and sustainability. The principles however apply perfectly well to any discipline. As you read the following information, you will see that it also applies to environment and sustainability.

Many aspects affect how people behave, including:


  • The success of safety initiatives.
  • The reporting of near-miss occurrences, incidents and accidents.
  • Employees working safely, e.g. nurse’s compliance with universal precautions.
  • Employees taking work related risks.
  • Influencing production pressures.
  • Implementing safety behaviour interventions.
  • Health interventions.
  • The effectiveness and credibility of safety officers.
  • The effectiveness and credibility of safety committees.