C10.7.4.1 Creating a positive culture


Culture is often described as “the 4 C’s”:

  • Competence – of the workforce
  • Control – organisation structure and responsibilities
  • Communication – information about risks
  • Co-operation – between all relevant parties


1.    Competence

  • Assess the skills needed to carry out all tasks properly.
  • Provide the means to ensure that all employees are adequately instructed and trained.
  • Ensure that people doing especially high risk work have the necessary training.
  • Ensure that employees have experience and other qualities to carry out the work properly.
  • Arrange for and use access to sound advice and help.
  • Carry out restructuring or reorganisation to ensure the competence of those taking on new responsibilities.


2.    Control

  • Lead by example.
  • Identify people responsible for particular sustainability jobs.
  • Ensure that managers, supervisors and team leaders understand their responsibilities and have the time and resources to carry them out.
  • Ensure everyone knows what they must do and how they will be held accountable.


3.    Co-operation

  • Chair your environmental / sustainability committee – if you have one.
  • Always consult your employees and their representatives.
  • Involve staff in planning and reviewing performance, writing procedures and solving problems.
  • Co-ordinate and co-operate with those contractors undertaking works, you are responsible for them.


4.    Communication

  • Provide information about hazards, risks and preventive measures to employees and contractors carrying out work.
  • Discuss sustainability with all employees regularly.
  • Be ‘visible’ on sustainability. Lead by example!