B3.10.5 Carriers Registration


The rules for waste carriers changed in January 2014.


All organisations that regularly carry waste as part of their business must now register as a Waste Carrier with the Environment Agency.

Organisations in England and Wales must register as Waste Carrier if they transport waste regularly.  By registering, these Waste Carriers are recognised as being authorised by the appropriate regulator to collect and transport waste – a system which helps fight against illegal waste management and disposal.


From 1st January 2014, the requirement to register as a Waste Carrier was extended to also include those businesses that regularly transport waste, including their own waste, as part of their business activities.


Under the new system, there are two types of Waste Carrier Registrations available: Lower Tier and Upper Tier.

Lower Tier Waste Carrier Registrations are for those organisations that only carry their own waste.  It applies to organisations that carry low risk wastes, including general waste, recyclables, mining and quarry waste and agricultural waste.  If your organisation regularly carries construction waste, even if it is your own construction waste, then you will need to register as an Upper Tier Waste Carrier.  Charity or voluntary organisations and local authorities can also register as a Lower Tier Carrier.  Lower Tier Registrations are free, last indefinitely and do not need to be renewed.

Upper Tier Waste Carrier Registrations are for organisations that carry other peoples waste and generally apply to organisations that transport, broker of deal in other peoples waste as part of their main business activities.  Those who carry their own construction waste or demolition waste must also register as an Upper Tier Carrier.  Upper Tier Registrations last for three years and must be renewed after this period.  There is a charge per registration and an additional charge for any future updates to the provided information.


The registration fee is currently £154: https://www.gov.uk/waste-carrier-or-broker-registration