B1.12.1 Civil Courts continued


Court of Session

The Court of Session, which is in Edinburgh, is the highest civil court in Scotland. It is divided into two parts:

  • The Outer House.
  • The Inner House.


The Outer House

This deals with complex cases of divorce, dissolution of a civil partnership or separation. It may also deal with cases when a large amount of money is being claimed for compensation in personal injury claims or broken agreements.

The Inner House

This deals with people who are appealing against decisions of either the Sheriff Court or the Outer House of the Court of Session.

House of Lords

This is the final court of appeal for all civil cases.

The Scottish Land Court 

This court consists of a chairman who is a lawyer and four other members who are laymen with experience in questions relating to agriculture. It deals with such matters as succession to crofts, grazing rights, disputes between landlords and tenants of holdings and other agricultural problems.

There is a right to appeal to the Court of Session but only on a point of law.