B1.12.1 Civil Courts


In Scotland the Civil Courts include the:

  • Sheriff Court
  • Court of Session
  • House of Lords
  • The Scottish Land Court


Sheriff Court 

There are sheriff courts in most districts in Scotland. Usually the sheriff is a qualified advocate or solicitor. The highest authority is the Sheriff Principal.

Appeals against the sheriff’s decision can be made to the Sheriff Principal.

Examples of civil cases the sheriff court can deal with are:-

  • separation, divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership
  • custody or aliment disputes
  • adoption
  • claims for damages for carelessness
  • tenant/landlord problems including evictions
  • race, sex, sexual orientation, disability or religion discrimination cases
  • debt
  • money claims for broken agreements
  • wills
  • bankruptcy or liquidation
  • registering clubs
  • licensing
  • fatal accident enquiries where the cause of death is unclear or unexplained.