A4.14.3 The Carbon Reduction Label


The Carbon Reduction Label shows the total greenhouse gas emissions from every stage of the product’s lifecycle, including production, transportation, preparation, use and disposal. While it is essential that the footprint calculations take every greenhouse gas into account, the figure is given as their total CO2 equivalent as is consistent with other recognised GHG reporting.

A tool for comparing different products within any category

The Carbon Reduction Label is underpinned by the PAS 2050, a standard developed in partnership with Defra and BSI, and receiving input from stakeholders around the world. By then applying its own set of proprietary data and comparability rules, the Carbon Trust Footprinting Company can ensure that measurement is comparable across different products within any particular category, enabling manufacturers and consumers to make quick and valid comparisons.

A “reduce or lose” commitment

 The Label includes a reduction element whereby the company is committed to further reduce the carbon footprint over the following two years. If the commitment is not met, the company will no longer be able to use the label.


Effective brand enhancement

 Recent research studies carried out for the Carbon Trust and other organisations conclude that companies believe that climate change is one of the factors most likely to affect their corporate reputation. We also have evidence to show that the Carbon Reduction Label could be a deciding factor in customer choice. Carbon Labelling is thus a valuable way for companies to demonstrate their carbon commitments to their consumers.

Source: http://www.carbon-label.com

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