C8.2.2 Decide what may be harmed and how


You should determine what the impact would be of the environmental hazard should the risk become a reality. For example, whether a watercourse would be polluted, environmental legislation would be breached or unwanted air emissions released.

Example receptors:

  • Specially protected parts of the environment (e.g. RAMSAR, SAC, SPA, SSSI, LNR)
  • Single houses or groups of houses (estates, villages etc)
  • Schools, hospitals, factories, shops etc.
  • Footpaths, recreation areas such as playing fields and playgrounds
  • Fields and allotments used for growing food
  • Rivers and streams
  • Ancient woodland
  • Historic buildings, listed buildings, archaeological sites
  • Water abstraction points
  • The sensitivity of the groundwater e.g. source protection zones
  • Other nearby industry e.g. Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) sites
  • Sensitive land uses – e.g. commercial fish farms, farmland
  • Coastal/estuarine areas