C7.4 Use of SEA continued (2)


Examples of Plans and Policies that will require an SEA:


Land use and spatial planning

  • Structure Plans
  • Local Plans
  • Unitary Development Plans
  • The Mayor’s Spatial Development Strategy (London)
  • Area Plans (Northern Ireland)
  • Subject Local Plans (Scotland)
  • The National Planning Framework (Scotland)
  • National Park Plans (Scotland)
  • The Wales Spatial Plan
  • Minerals Local Plans
  • Minerals Plans (Scotland)
  • Waste Local Plans
  • Combined Minerals and Waste Local Plans
  • Area Waste Plans (Scotland)


Under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, the following plans in England and Wales are subject to Sustainability Appraisals which fully incorporate the requirements of the Directive:

  • Local Development Documents, comprising Development Plan Documents and
  • Supplementary Planning Documents
  • Local Development Plans (Wales)
  • Regional Spatial Strategies (incorporating Regional Transport Strategies)


Other regional and local authority plans and programmes

  • Local Air Quality Action Plans
  • Local Housing Strategies
  • Local Transport Plans
  • Municipal Waste Management Strategies
  • Regional Development Strategy for Northern Ireland (and associated reviews)
  • Regional Economic Strategies (prepared by Regional Development Agencies)
  • Review of Regional Transportation Strategy (Northern Ireland)


Environmental protection and management

  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Management Plans
  • National Park Management Plans
  • National policy statements on planning for waste management (currently PPS 10
  • “Planning for sustainable waste management” in England and TAN21 “Waste” in Wales)
  • Waste Management Plans in Northern Ireland
  • National Waste Plan (Scotland)
  • River Basin Management Plans and Programmes of Measures
  • Salmon Action Plans


Other plans and programmes

  • Oil and Gas Licensing Rounds
  • Offshore Windfarm Site Licensing Rounds
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Strategies
  • Water Service Capital Works Programme (Northern Ireland)


Source: “A Practical Guide to the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive”;

Scottish Executive, Welsh Assembly Government, Department of the Environment, Northern Ireland, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister: London, September 2005

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