C10. Relating Behaviour Factors to Human Failures


Job Factors

  • Illogical design of equipment and / or instruments.
  • Constant disturbances and interruptions.
  • Missing or unclear instructions.
  • Poorly maintained equipment.
  • High workload.
  • Noisy and unpleasant working conditions.


Individual Factors

  • Low skill and competence levels.
  • Tired staff.
  • Bored or disheartened staff.
  • Individual medical problems.


Organisational Factors

  • Poor work planning, leading to high work pressure.
  • Lack of safety systems and barriers.
  • Inadequate responses to previous incidents.
  • Management based upon one-way communications.
  • Deficient co-ordination and responsibilities.
  • Poor management of health and safety.
  • Poor health and safety culture.