C10.6.1 Influence continued…


Sphere of Influence

We all have our own sphere of influence. In fact, we have several! You will have a different sphere of influence in your working life than you do in your home life. If you are a participant in clubs and activities, you will have a different sphere of influence there.

To develop your sphere of influence you must first understand where the weaknesses are. They may be influencing people that are in a different department, of a higher management level than you or remote workers based elsewhere.


Successful Influencing

To successfully influence a person, you should:

  1. Think about their initial stance. Are they actually (or likely to be) hostile to your suggestion, neutral to it, uninterested in it, uniformed about it of supportive of it?
  2. Consider the issue from that person’s perspective.
  3. Identify areas of common ground where you think you will both agree.
  4. Put your point of view across in a clear manner that the other person can understand.
  • Consider what you need to ask to understand this.
  • Ask questions to obtain the information you need.
  • Listen to the answers!
  • Build your argument from this solid point.
  • Attempt to bridge the gaps.
  • Try to use phrases and include information that will help then agree with you. Words that help to grab attention are ones such as proven, results, guaranteed, easy, money-saving.
  • Structure your argument in a logical way.
  • Provide evidence to support your case (costings, cost savings, statistics etc).
  • Highlight the benefits.