C1.3.3 Conducting the Review


Things to Consider

When conducting an Initial Environmental Review, you may wish to consider:

  • The direct environmental aspects.
  • The indirect environmental aspects.
  • The indirect environmental aspects that can be controlled or that you have influence over.
  • The applicable legal requirements.
  • An evaluation of performance compared with applicable internal criteria, external standards, codes of practice and best practice.
  • Opportunities for competitive advantage, including cost reduction opportunities.
  • The views of interested parties, such as stakeholders.
  • Any organizational systems that may affect environmental performance.
  • An evaluation of previous emergency situations and accidents.


Information Sources

There are a variety of information courses available to assist you in your Review. These Include:

  • Employee knowledge.
  • Communications, including complaints, compliments, stakeholder requests etc.
  • Communication from Enforcing Authorities.
  • Environmental Incident Reports.
  • Near Miss Reports.
  • Accident Reports.
  • Existing Procedures, whether formal or informal, such as those relating to:
    • Production
    • Purchasing
    • Emissions or discharges
    • Waste
    • Emergency Response
  • Training Records.
  • Inspection reports.
  • Supplier performance evaluation reports.
  • Client performance evaluation reports.
  • Utility bills (energy, gas, water, diesel or petrol).
  • Environmental consents and permits.
  • Environmental Regulators.
  • Environmental Legislation.
  • Trade Organizations.
  • Maintenance records.