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Treatment of waste

The Treatment of waste exemptions are as follows:

T1 – Cleaning, washing, spraying or coating of relevant waste

T2 – Recovery of textiles

T4 – Preparatory treatments (baling, sorting, shredding etc)

T5 – Screening and blending of waste

T6 – Treatment of waste wood and waste plant matter by chipping, shredding, cutting or pulverising

T8 – Mechanical treatment of end-of-life tyres

T9 – Recovery of scrap metal

T10 – Sorting mixed waste

T11 – Repair or refurbishment of WEEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment)

T12 – Manual treatment of waste

T13 – Treatment of waste food

T14 – Crushing and emptying waste vehicle oil filters

T15 – Treatment of waste aerosol cans

T16 – Treatment of waste toner cartridges by sorting, dismantling, cleaning or refilling

T17 – Crushing waste fluorescent tubes

T18 – Dewatering using flocculants

T19 –  Physical treatment of waste edible oil and fat to produce biodiesel

T20 – Treatment of waste at a water treatment works

T21 – Recovery of waste at a waste water works

T23 – Aerobic composting and associated prior treatment

T24 – Anaerobic digestion at premises used for agriculture and burning of resultant biogas

T25 – Anaerobic digestion at premises not used for agriculture and burning of resultant biogas

T26 – Treatment of kitchen waste in a wormery

T27 – Treatment of sheep dip for disposal

T28 –  Sorting and denaturing of controlled medicines and drugs for disposal

T29 – Treatment of non-hazardous pesticides by carbon filtration for disposal

T30 – Recovery of silver

T31 – Recovery of monopropylene glycol from aircraft antifreeze fluids

T32 – Treatment of waste in a biobed or bio-filter

T33 – Recovery of central heating oil by filtration

The Environment Agency website contains a guidance document on each exemption, which is available from their website.

An example Treatment of Waste Exemption doument is avilable here: EA – T4 Guidance