A2.3.2.5 Designers


Many environmental impacts can be avoided at the design stage. It is important that designers have a good understanding of environmental issues. For example, designers should design….


  • With a high recycled content.
  • That can be recycled.
  • With a long life-span.
  • That do not contain hazardous or environmental polluting materials (or a minimal amount of such if it is absolutely necessary).


Buildings, that:

  • Are energy efficient.
  • Use renewable energy.
  • Are water efficient.
  • Use grey water.
  • Use construction materials that are sustainable.


Construction Sites, which are away from: 

  • Sensitive areas, such as near SSSIs or Nature Reserves.
  • Watercourses that may be polluted.
  • Invasive Plants that may be spread.
  • Protected Species that may be disturbed.
  • Trees and woodland, so that they do not need to be felled.
  • Hedgerows, so that they do not need to be removed.