A2.3.2.1 Purchasing


Environmental Management within the purchasing department is important. It is especially important to ensure that the buying department understand the concept of ‘best value’. An item may cost more initially, but if it has a longer lifespan, it will cost you less over its lifetime.(it will last longer so it will not need to be
replaced as often; if it does not need to be replaced frequently there will be
less waste, as there are less old items to dispose of).

The Purchasing department should specify:

  • Materials with less packaging.
  • That packaging will be returned to the manufacturer.
  • That materials are supplied with reusable packaging.
    • This will reduce the amount of waste packaging you have to dispose of.
  • Items with a longer life, reducing the need to replace, which will reduce the amount of waste you produce.
  • Items with less hazardous content, which should reduce the amount of hazardous waste you produce and therefore save you money.
  • Energy efficient products.
  • Calibration requirements.
    • Items such as noise monitors can cost more to calibrate than they did to purchase. This inevitably leads to the items being discarded and replaced, increasing waste and the associated costs.
  • Materials with a recycled content.
  • Materials that can be recycled themselves.
  • Materials from sustainable sources.
  • Materials that are bio-degradable.
  • Lights that automatically switch off after a certain period.
  • Toilets that use grey water.
  • Water efficient taps.