C1.3.1 Before the Review


Senior Management Commitment

Ideally Senior Management will be in full support of the review process. This could be demonstrated to all employees by an announcement outlining the purpose of the review and stating all employees are expected to be supportive.


Resource Allocation

One employee should be established as the ‘Champion’ of the review. This will usually be the Environmental Manager or the person with responsibility for environmental management.

However, an effective review will be team effort. Employees from different areas of the business must be involved. This may include a representative from each of the following areas:

  • Production
    • This may be overall production or one from each department within production, or from each site.
  • Purchasing
  • Warehouse
  • Transport
  • Design
  • Office
  • Export / Import


The selection of participants will vary immensely from organisation to organisation. Small organisations may only require the involvement of one or two people, whilst a large organisation may require a team of say twenty people.