B1 Index


B1.1.   Instruments for Change

B1.1.1 Financial Instruments

B1.1.2 Legislative Instruments

B1.1.3 Voluntary Measures

B1.1.4 Information

B1.1.5 Market Instruments


B1.2.   Environmental Law


B1.3.   EU Regulatory Framework

B1.3.1 The Treaty of Rome 

B1.3.2 The European Commission

B1.3.3 Council of the European Union

B1.3.4 European Parliament

B1.3.5 European Court of Justice

B1.3.6 European Union Forum of Judges for the Environment


B1.4.   EU Environmental Policy


B1.5.   EU Law


B1.6.   Types of EU Law


B1.7.   European Environment Agency


B1.8.   Examples of the Link between EU and UK law


B1.9.   The UK Legal System


B1.10. Criminal Law


B1.11. Civil Law

B1.11.1 Negligence

B1.11.2 Nuisance

B1.11.3 Tresspass

B1.11.4 Strict Liability

B1.11.5 Rylands vs Fletcher

B1.11.6 Cambridge Water Co v Eastern Counties Leather plc 


B1.12. Scottish Legal System

B1.12.1 Civil Courts

B1.12.2 Criminal Courts


B1.13. The Legal System in Northern Ireland 


B1.14. The Role of the Regulator

B1.14.1 Environment Agency

B1.14.2 Local Authorities

B1.14.3 Natural England

B1.14.4 Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

B1.14.5 Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) 

B1.14.6 Sewerage Undertakers

B1.14.7 Internal Drainage Boards

B1.14.8 Natural Resources Wales


B1.15. Powers of Inspectors


B1.16. Court Structure

B1.16.1 Civil Courts

B1.16.2 Criminal Courts


B1.17  Penalties for Non-compliance

B1.17.1           Example Prosecutions