C8.7 Opra


Opra provides an objective and consistent assessment of the environmental risk of operating a regulated facility. The assessment is based on five attributes, each of which is allocated one or more lettered bands. [A to E and A to F]. These bands provide a profile, known as the Opra banded profile, for each installation.


The five attributes are:

 1. Complexity – the type of activities covered by your permit

 This attribute looks at:

  • What you do and what hazardous materials you have on site.
  • What you release or could release into the environment.
  • The work we need to do to assess and maintain your compliance and to maintain public confidence.


2. Emissions and inputs – permitted inputs to a facility and releases from it

This attribute looks at releases to:

  • air
  • water and/or
  • land, and
  • waste inputs.


3. Location – the condition of the environment around your facility.

This attribute looks at:

  • How far your site is from where people live, work and play.
  • How far your site is from areas that have been given legal protection.
  • What surface and ground waters are near to you and if your site could flood.
  • The potential for direct release to waters and what you have on site to stop it.
  • If your site is in an area your local council is targeting to improve air quality.


4. Operator performance– your management systems and enforcement history.

This attribute has two parts:

  • The management systems and procedures you have to help you manage your compliance with your permit.
  • Recent formal enforcement action taken by regulatory bodies at your site.


5. Compliance rating – how well you comply with the conditions of your permit.

Using our Compliance Classification Scheme this attribute looks at:

  • Non-compliance with your permit requirements.
  • What could have happened to the environment because of non-compliance.
  • Work we need to do to deal with your permit breaches.


The compliance rating is calculated for each calendar year, January to December.


Source: Environment Agency, Environmental Permitting Regulations Operational Risk Appraisal Scheme (Opra for EPR) version 3.4 April 2009

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