C7.2 Role of SEA


The purpose of SEA is to ensure that information on the significant environmental effects is gathered and made available to decision-makers.

The objectives of SEA are to:

  • Provide a systematic means of identifying, describing, evaluating and reporting on the environmental effects.
  • Require that Responsible Authorities (i.e. plan, programme or policy-makers) prepares a report on the likely significant environmental effects and its reasonable alternatives.
  • Prevent, reduce and offset negative environmental effects.
  • Ensure wide consultation and engagement with the statutory Consultation Authorities, such other bodies as the Responsible Authority considers appropriate (e.g. health), and the public at an early stage.
  • Deliver a public statement demonstrating how the results of the environmental assessment and the opinions expressed during the SEA consultation process have been taken into account.
  • Ensure that Responsible Authorities monitor the significant environmental effects, enabling them to also identify unforeseen adverse effects at an early stage and to take appropriate remedial action where necessary.