C4 End of Section Test


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What is “a systematic and documented process of objectively obtaining and evaluating information (evidence) to determine compliance”?

What type of audit has the purpose of ensuring that organisation’s EMS complies with the requirements of the EMS (e.g. ISO 14001 or EMAS)?

What type of audit will evaluate supplier performance?

What type of audit will specially look at waste?

What type of audit is usually undertaken to identify environmental hazards during land acquisition?

What type of audit will look specifically at energy?

What type of audit will be completed by employees within the organisation?

An auditor must use a checklist to conduct a formal audit?

When conducting an audit, what types of evidence should the auditor examine?

Which British Standard is the Guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing?


Here are sample exam questions designed to be used to practice learning, understanding and exam technique for the new online exam. Please note that these are both sample questions supplied by the IEMA and additional questions that Envirotrain have prepared. C4 – Practice Exam Questions



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