C4.4.3 Post-Audit


After the audit the auditor(s) will prepare an audit report, which should be issued to the auditees within a reasonable timeframe.

If any audit findings were raised during the audit, the auditee will take the required action to rectify the problem. Evidence of this action will be forwarded to the auditor who will review this evidence and sign off the relevant findings as closed.

Audit Report

An Audit Report is the documented evidence that an audit was conducted and of what information was found during the audit.

An audit report should contain:

  • Audit objectives.
  • Audit scope.
  • Audit criteria.
  • Identification of areas that were audited.
  • Identification of auditees.
  • Identification of auditors.
  • A document reference number.
  • A distribution list.
  • Date of the audit.
  • Details of what was audited and what was found, including references to specific records viewed.
  • Details of the non-conformances found.
  • A summary or conclusion, establishing the level of conformance with the audit criteria.