C3.4.7.2 Responsiveness


“Requires that the Assurance Provider evaluate the extent to which the Reporting Organisation can identify and understand material aspects of its Sustainability Performance.”

Source: AA1000 Assurance Standard: 2003


An organisation should have a process in place to respond to material issues, that is, to develop and implement policies, strategies and plans consistent with stakeholder interests. Since the response must compete for available resources, the response to material issues needs to be prioritised.

This prioritisation needs to be consistent with these other strategies and plans, as well as with stakeholder interests. A systematic process for determining the relevance and importance of material issues will provide the basis for decisions about priority.

Responsiveness should be considered in relation to the intended users and within the context of the overall response to material issues and concerns. Whether an organisation chooses to publish a single report or a range of communications, it should be able to demonstrate that it is meeting the needs of its users for information that they can understand and that they require to make informed decisions.