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What should an inspection look at?

The exact content of an inspection will vary from organisation to organisation. Inspections should be tailored to the requirements of the organisation’s EMS, applicable legal requirements, specific procedures and operating requirements. Examples of the types of issues that may be covered are provided below:

General – Outstanding Actions, Responsibilities And Documentation

  • Any actions from previous inspections outstanding?
  • Have there been any environmental incidents?
  • Are all environmental incidents closed?
  • Are all audit actions closed?
  • Have weekly inspections been completed by the Supervisor?
  • Any actions from the weekly Environmental Checklist outstanding?
  • Are copies of all Method Statements available?
  • Do Method Statements include correct environmental requirements?
  • Is the Environmental Policy on display?



  • Is the area clean and tidy?
  • Are there any leaks or spills?
  • Are all materials stored correctly?
  • Is the oil storage tank’s bund in good condition? No leaks, holes or corrosion?*
  • Are all drums in drip trays?
  • Are all containers labelled?



  • Is all waste stored correctly?
  • Are all skips labelled?
  • Is the right waste in the right skip?
  • Are there Waste Transfer Notes in place for all waste types?
  • Is there any litter?



  • Are all drains colour coded to their destination?
  • Is a drainage plan in place?
  • Is there a Trade Effluent Discharge Consent in place?
  • Are the conditions being complied with?
  • Are any of the drains blocked?


Noise & nuisance

  • Is excessive noise being generated?
  • Is all equipment turned off when not in use?
  • Is there evidence of burning?
  • Is there excessive dust?
  • Is black smoke being emitted from plant or equipment?