C2.6 IEMA Acorn Scheme


The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA) operate the Acorn Scheme. This allows companies to implement an EMS in accordance with the phases of BS 8555 and to obtain recognition for each stage completed.


How to Participate? 

Participation in the scheme is easy. All you have to do is:

  • implement one or more phases of BS8555
  • have this confirmed by an independently accredited Acorn Inspection Body
  • demonstrate continuous environmental improvement to the Acorn Inspection Body on an annual basis to maintain your registration


It’s up to you how and when to use the Acorn Inspection Body – you can be inspected after you’ve implemented each Phase, or bundle two or more phases together before being Inspected. The choice is yours – Acorn is flexible to your needs so you can use it in the way that best meets your business needs.


Once the Acorn Inspection Body has confirmed that you’ve achieved the relevant Phase(s), you’ll be issued with an Acorn certificate and then entered onto the Acorn Register.

Source: http://www.iema.net/acorn


For further information, please visit the IEMA website: www.iema.net