C10.9 International Standards


There a number of International Standards, which have been published on the subjects of environmental labelling and green claims. Some examples include:


ISO 14020: 2001 Environmental Labels and Declarations – General Principles

This standard sets out the general principles of environmental labels and declarations (claims).


BS EN ISO 14021:2001+A1:2011 Environmental Labels and Declarations – Self-Declared Environmental Claims (Type II Environmental Labelling)

This standard describes a general evaluation and verification process in relation to green claims. It specifies the conditions under which self-declared statements may be used. The Green Claims Code is based on this standard.


ISO 14024:2001 Environmental Labels and Declarations – Type I Environmental Labelling – Principles and Procedures

This standard sets out the principles and procedures for establishing Type 1 environmental labelling programmes.


BS EN ISO 14031: 2013 Environmental Management. Environmental Performance Evaluation. Guidelines

This standard gives guidance on the design and use of environmental performance evaluation within an organization.