C10.7.5.6 Human Failures

C10.7.5.6 Human FailuresSource: HSE, Inspectors Toolkit: Human factors in the management of major accident hazards Introduction to human factors, October 2005.


Reducing Human Error

By including the potential for human error and violation in risk assessments employers can reduce human failures in and around the workplace. The risk assessment should enable you to design workplace controls to reduce human errors using previous incidents. The following could also help reduce human error:

  • Well motivated employees.
  • Clear roles and lines of responsibilities.
  • Good environmental conditions such as lighting.
  • Adequate levels of supervision.
  • Clear information and instructions.
  • Skilled, competent and properly trained workers.
  • Drugs and alcohol prevention policies.
  • Avoiding monotonous work processes and arranging breaks to reduce the effects of fatigue.