B8.9 Environmental Permits


Evironmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 [SI 675]

Environmental permits

Environmental permitting applies to England and Wales only.

What is environmental permitting?

Environmental permitting is a risk-based regime for regulating business activities that could have an impact on the environment or human health.

It is a streamlined system for managing environmental permits with common procedures for appeals, changes and transfers.

Environmental permitting has:

  • Simplified and combined different permitting regimes.
  • Put into effect the permitting requirements of some European Directives.


Old permits now covered by environmental permitting When they became covered by environmental permitting
Pollution prevention and control (PPC) permits 6 April 2008
Waste management licences (WML) 6 April 2008
Water discharge consents 6 April 2010
Groundwater permits 6 April 2010
Radioactive substances registrations and authorisations 6 April 2010


When is a permit needed?

You must have an environmental permit in England and Wales if you carry out any activity or operation that is covered by the term regulated facility.

Regulated Facility

There are seven main classes of regulated facilities:

  1. Installations
  2. Mobile plant
  3. Waste operations
  4. Mining waste operations
  5. Radioactive substances activities
  6. Water discharge activities
  7. Groundwater activities