B6.2.1 UK Wide Legislation


Control of Pollution Act 1974

This sets out the duty on the Local Authorities to inspect and exercise powers concerning noise abatement zones, and the process for dealing with excess noise and noise from construction sites.

Environment Act 1995

The Environment Act 1995 establish the Environment Agency and SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) as the regulating bodies for contaminated land, abandoned mines, national parks, control of pollution, conservation of natural resources, conservation or enhancement of the environment, and fisheries.

Environmental Protection Act 1990

This defines Statutory Nuisance in Section 79. It also establishes the structure and authority for waste management and control of emissions into the environment in England, Scotland and Wales.

Noise and Statutory Nuisance Act 1993

This Act made provision for noise in a street to be a statutory nuisance and includes requirements relating to the operation of loudspeakers in a street, and audible intruder alarms. It also permits Local Authorities to charge the expenses incurred by abating, or preventing the recurrence of, a statutory nuisance to the premises creating the nuisance.