B5 Index


B5.1.   The Importance of Soil

B5.2.   Threats to Soil

B5.3.   Contaminated Land

B5.3.1 Sources of Contaminated Land

B5.3.2 The Impact of Contaminated Land

B5.3.3 How do I know if Land is Contaminated?

B5.3.4 What Can I do about Contaminated Land?

B5.4.   EC Directives and Regulations

B5.5.   The Soil Thematic Strategy

B5.6.   UK Soil Strategy

B5.7.   UK Policies and Controls

B5.7.1 English Legislation

B5.7.2 Welsh Legislation

B5.7.3 Scottish Legislation

B5.7.4 Northern Ireland Legislation

B5.7.5 The Contaminated Land (England) Regulations 2006 [SI No. 1380] 

B5.8.   Contaminated Land Exposure Assessment (CLEA) Framework

B5.9 Role of the Regulator