B5.6 UK Soil Strategy


The First Soil Action Plan for England was launched on 20 May 2004; it ran over a two year period. This set out a programme of work to help move towards a clearly stated vision for the nation’s soils.

This includes actions relating to increasing the level of awareness amongst public, teachers, and some of those working with soils (such as the construction industry, land managers and planners). Action was also required relating to the sustainable use and protection of soils in the built environment.

A draft Soil Strategy for England to succeed the First Soil Action Plan for England, was out for public consultation in 2008 and the results were issued as “Safeguarding our Soils: A Strategy for England”, which was issued in 2009.

This document is available here: B5 – DEFRA soil-strategy 2009

 Soil scientists have identified over 10,000 different types of soil in Europe.

Source: European Commission 2007