B5.3.4 What Can I do about Contaminated Land?

There are a number of different technologies available. The one that is suitable will be dependant upon the characteristics of the pollutant, the location and the intended land use (you must remove more contamination to build a school or hospital on an area than you would if building a multi-storey car park).


Pollution Linkages

A “pollution linkage” exists when there is a source of contamination and a receptor for that contamination which are joined by a pathway along which the contamination can travel.

This is where, using the model outlined below, there is a source, pathway and receptor.


Source, Pathway, Receptor

All options revolve around the Source, Pathway Receptor model.



If you eliminate one, there is no pollution…

If there is no source of pollution, in this example no oil tank, there is no oil tank to leak and therefore no pollution.

If there is no route for the pollution to take, in this example no drainage channel, there is no way for the pollution to get to the receptor.

If there is no receptor (i.e. nothing for the pollution to damage), in this example no river, then there is nothing for the pollution to damage and there is no impact.