B4 Index


B4.1.   Environmental Impacts Relating to Water


B4.2.   Definitions relating to Water


B4.3.   Agreements and Protocols

B4.3.1 Marpol Convention

B4.3.2 European Strategy on Water


B4.4.   EC Directives and Regulations

B4.4.1 Water Framework Directive (WFD) 

B4.4.1.1   UK Technical Advisory Group (UKTAG)

B4.4.1.2   The Implementation of the WFD in the UK

B4.4.2 Groundwater Directive (2006/118/EC)

B4.4.3 Other Directives


B4.5.   UK Policies and Controls

B4.5.1 UK Water Strategy


B4.6.   Water Legislation in the UK

B4.6.1 England and Wales

B4.6.2 Scotland

B4.6.3 Northern Ireland


B4.7.   Role of the Regulator


B4.8.   Water Quality Standards


B4.9.   Operational Implications of Water

B4.9.1 Water Discharges to Controlled Waters

B4.9.2 Discharges to Sewers

B4.9.3 Water Abstraction

B4.9.4 Works Near Watercourses

B4.9.5 Environmental Permitting – Discharges to Water & Groundwater


B4.10  Future Developments