B4 End of Section Test


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Which of the following are examples of “Controlled Waters”?

What is the top level of water, stored underground, in the saturated zone, known as?

Which of the following is the main international convention covering prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes?

What is considered to be the most substantial piece of EC water legislation to date, which aims to enhance the status (and prevent further deterioration) of aquatic ecosystems and associated wetlands and to promote the sustainable use of water.

Who regulates abstractions of water, discharges of water into main rivers, works in flood defences and works in, over, under or near to a main river?

Who regulates Trade Effluent Discharge Consents?

Which of the following may require a formal permission off an enforcing body?

Once you are issued a formal consent to conduct an activity such as discharging water, you will not have to do anything else…


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