B3 Index


B3.1.   Waste Generation in the UK 

B3.2.   The Environmental Impact of Waste

B3.3.   The Cost of Waste

B3.4.   Principles of Waste Management

B3.5.   Definitions Relating to Waste

B3.5.1    Waste

B3.5.2    Other Definitions of Waste Types

B3.5.2.1          Directive Waste

B3.5.2.2          Controlled Waste

B3.5.2.3          Commercial Waste

B3.5.2.4          Industrial Waste

B3.5.2.5          Municipal Waste

B3.5.2.6          Hazardous Waste

B3.5.2.7          Non-Hazardous Waste

B3.5.2.8          Inert Waste

B3.5.2.9          Biodegradable Waste

B3.5.2.10        Active and Inactive Waste

B3.5.2.11        Clinical Waste

B3.5.2.12        Other Waste Related Definitions

B3.6.   Agreements and Protocols

B3.6.1    The Joint Convention on the Safety of Spent Fuel Management and on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management (1997)

B3.6.2    The Basel Convention

B3.6.3    The Bamako Convention

B3.6.4    The Waigani Convention

B3.6.5    The London Protocol

B3.6.6    OECD decision C(2001)107/FINAL

B3.6.7    European Strategy on the Prevention and Recycling of Waste

B3.7.   EU Waste Legislation

B3.7.1    Waste Framework Directive [2006/12/EC]

B3.7.2    Hazardous Waste Directive [91/689/EEC]

B3.7.3    Shipments of Waste Regulation [1013/2006]

B3.7.4    Landfill Directive [1999/31/EC]

B3.7.5    Incineration Directive [2000/76/EC]

B3.7.6    Directive 2000/59/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 November 2000 on port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues

B3.7.7    Directives on Specific Waste Streams

B3.8.   UK Policies and Controls

B3.8.1    UK Wide

B3.8.2    England and Wales 

B3.8.3    Northern Ireland Waste Legislation

B3.8.4    Scottish Waste Legislation

B3.9.   Role of the Regulator

B3.10. Operational implications of Waste Legislation

B3.10.1           Duty of Care

B3.10.2           Storing Waste

B3.10.3           Waste Carriers

B3.10.4           Waste Disposal Sites

B3.10.5           Carriers Registration

B3.10.6               Waste Management Sites

B3.10.7               Waste Documentation

B3.10.8           Environmental Permits and Waste Exemptions

B3.10.9           Hazardous Waste

B3.10.10         Landfill

B3.10.11          Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP)

B3.10.12         Quality Protocols

B3.11.   Waste Minimisation

B3.11.1    Case Study

B3.12      Recycling Symbols

B3.13.     Waste Minimisation at Home

B3.14.    Recent and Future Developments