B2 Index


B2.1.   Agreements & Protocols

B2.1.1 Earth Summit 

B2.1.2 The Kyoto Protocol

B2.1.3 The Gothenburg Protocol

B2.1.4 The Aarhus Protocol on POPs 

B2.1.5 The Geneva Protocol on Persistent Organic Pollutants (the VOCs Protocol)

B2.1.6 The Aarhus Protocol on Heavy Metals

B2.1.7 The Montreal Protocol

B2.1.8 The Sofia Protocol


B2.2.   EU Directives and Regulations


B2.3.   UK Air Policies and Controls

B2.3.1 UK-wide Legislation

B2.3.2 England and Wales Legislation

B2.3.3 Northern Ireland Legislation

B2.3.4 Scotland Legislation


B2.4.   Other Controls

B2.4.1 Climate Change Levy

B2.4.2 RPI-X@20 Review and RIIO

B2.4.3 Local Air Quality Management (LAQM)

B2.4.4 Air Quality Strategy 


B2.5.   Role of the Regulator


B2.6.   Key Terms


B2.7.   Operational Implications of Prescribed Processes


B2.8.   Emissions Trading

B2.8.1 European Trading Scheme (ETS)

B2.8.2 UK Emissions Trading Scheme


B2.9.   CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme


B2.10  Energy, Carbon & Climate Change

B2.10.1           Climate Change Policy

B2.10.1.1        Global Action

B2.10.1.2        European Action

B2.10.1.3        UK Action

B2.10.2           Energy Policy

B2.10.2.1        Climate Change Act 2008

B2.10.2.2        Energy Act 2008

B2.10.2.3        Energy Act 2010

B2.10.2.4        Energy Act 2011

B2.10.2.5        Other Relevant Legislation

B2.10.2.6        Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Regulations 2014 (ESOS Regulations).

B2.10.3           Low Carbon Policies


B2.10.4           Fracking