B2.9 continued…

In each compliance year, participants complete four steps: 

  • At the beginning and during each compliance year, they purchase allowances based on expected energy use emissions, taking into account their energy efficiency efforts planned for that year;
  • They monitor their energy use during each scheme year and by the end of July, following the end of the scheme year, they report their emissions to the administrator;
  • They also, by the end of July, have to hold and cancel allowances equal to their emissions during that year;
  • They receive a revenue recycling payment from Government in the October after they have reported their energy use, based on their relative performance in the scheme which is published in a Performance League Table.

The information that participants provide to the administrator will be audited. Participants must therefore bring together all records and evidence that supports the data they report in an evidence pack. This must be kept up to date throughout the scheme.

 Source: DEFRA; http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/climatechange/uk/business/crc/comply.htm


The timetable for implementation is as follows:

Source: DEFRA; http://www.defra.gov.uk/environment/climatechange/uk/business/crc/pdf/crc-timeline-090312.pdf


The Carbon Trust have issued a document “Managing The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) as a business opportunity”, which is available here:  B2 – CRC as a Business Opportunity

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has issued a Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) user guide (updated January 2010). This document is available here: B2 – CRC User Guide