B2.4.3 Local Air Quality Management (LAQM)


Under Part IV of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 Local Authorities have statutory duties for Local Air Quality Management (LAQM).

Local Authorities are required to carry out regular reviews and assessments of air quality in their area against standards and objectives prescribed in regulations.

Air Quality Management Areas

Where objectives are not being met, authorities must designate Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) and prepare and implement remedial action plans to tackle the problem.

Details of the UK AQMAs are available from the UK Air Quality Archive:



The Secretary of State has issued guidance, which must be considered by Local Authorities when conducting their local air quality management functions.

In addition, DEFRA have issued a number of guidance documents on some of the measures that Local Authorities can take to improve air quality. This guidance is voluntary.

Both the Secretary of State and the DEFRA guidance is available for download from DEFRA: