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Which of the following are ways in which Government can encourage companies to act?

What is the founding treaty of the European Economic Community (EEC), which later became the European Union (EU)?

Which European Body is known for representing and upholding the interests of Europe as a whole?

Which European Body is known as the “The Voice of the Member States” and is in charge of the EU’s foreign, security and defence policies?

Which European Body is known as “The Voice of the People” and passes European laws on the basis of proposals presented by the European Commission?

Which European Body is known as “The Rule of law”?

Which of the following is a type of European Law that becomes immediately enforceable as law in all member states simultaneously?

In English law, which type of law is concerned with offences or crimes against the state and has the aim of deterring individuals and organisations from unwanted behaviour through the fear of punishment?

In English law, which type of law is concerned with the rights and duties of individuals towards each other, with the aim of compensating the injured party for their suffered losses?

Negligence, Nuisance and Trespass are three examples of:

Strict Liability can be considered to mean:

In England, issues such as planning applications, Tree Preservation Orders and Statutory Nuisance are enforced by:

In England, issues such as waste regulation and water pollution are enforced by:

In England, issues such as the management of protected areas, including Nature Reserves and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).are enforced by:

In England, which Court deals with serious cases, such as murder, rape and robbery?

In England, which Court may impose fines of up to £20,000 and up to six months in prison?


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