B1.8 Examples of the Link between EU and UK law



The European Union introduced Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, commonly referred to as the WEEE Directive.

As a directive the UK had 3 years in which to implement UK legislation to meet the requirements of this Directive. It did do by introducing The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2006 (SI No. 3289).


The European Union introduced Regulation (EC) No 2493/2000 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 7th November 2000 on measures to promote the full integration of the environmental dimension in the development process of developing countries.

This Regulation sets out rules under which cooperation projects initiated by various bodies (such as governments, public bodies, regional authorities, traditional or local communities, cooperatives, international organisations, non-governmental organisations and private stakeholders) in developing countries that intend to promote sustainable development may receive financial aid and technical assistance from the Community.

The requirements of the Regulation must be followed in full by the Member States of the European Union. There is no need to introduce national legislation in order to comply.