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Organisations that are aware of their operating constraints and monitor future developments, anticipating the likely direction of future constraints are taking what approach to environmental management?

Which of the following area examples of financial constraints on an organisation?

What is a comprehensive global action plan for sustainable development that contains action that should be taken globally, nationally and locally?

“Doing more with less” is known as:

Where you suspect a chemical of having detrimental effects until it is proved otherwise, is known as:

Taking responsibility for the environmental effects of a product throughout its life cycle is known as?

Which Principle is about justice, requiring that the costs of pollution be borne by those who cause it?

Which acronym refers to an expectation that an organisation should simply use the best available processes and technology, without regard to cost?

Which term is the outcome of systematic and consultative decision making procedure which emphasises the protection and conservation of the environment across land, air and water?

Which principle relates to the distance items must travel, as in waste should be disposed of as close to its source as possible?

The phasing out of lead in paint, petrol and solder is an example of what?

Fuel combustion, Fugitive emissions and Company vehicles are example of what type of carbon emission, used when calculating carbon footprints?

The amount of land required to sustain a particular person or society is known as:


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