A3.10.6 Contaminated Land Treatment Technologies


Contaminated land treatment options is a specialist field and advice should always be sought from a competent organisation.

Two important factors that may affect remediation options are:

  • Waste legislation and regulation affecting the potential for the treatment, disposal, recovery, recycling and reuse of contaminated soil.
  • Designated land-use of a remediated site has a profound effect on site values and hence the options available for remediation.

Here we have split the technologies into the following groups:

  • Biological
  • Physico-chemical
  • Physical
  • Thermal
  • Containment

Each is discussed in detail over the following pages.

Remediation techniques may also be categorised by the location where the remediation occurs:

  • In-situ (on-site)
  • Ex-Situ (off-site)